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Martin im Innkreis, Upper Austria. The permit allows trial operation of full unmanned flights in Austrian national airspace. Through the joint efforts of the Civil Aviation Authority of Austria, the EHang European team, and local partners, the Company has achieved another important regulatory breakthrough in the geographical heart of Europe, enabling more people to experience its safe, green and comfortable UAM solutions.

This achievement should enable EHang to accelerate commercial operations in Europe. Autonomous Aerial Vehicles are poised to change the way people and cargo move from point A to point B.

Whether for commuting within a large city or traveling from rural to metropolitan areas, aerial travel will dramatically change how mankind perceives distance and travel time. What is a reality today in Asia also comes closer in Europe.

stock quote taxi companies

As part of the process, a test flight occurred in November It was the first flight ever in open EASA airspace. Martin im Innkreis, in the province of Upper Austria.

Under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority, the unmanned aircraft took off for several minutes via automatic flight programming and then safely landed, despite harsh weather conditions of severe cold and high wind speed. Technical experts from both companies worked for several months with the national regulators to meet the national and European requirements.

Our mission is to make safe, autonomous, and eco-friendly air mobility accessible to everyone. EHang provides customers in various industries with AAV products and commercial solutions: air mobility including passenger transportation and logisticssmart city management, and aerial media solutions.

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As the forerunner of cutting-edge AAV technologies and commercial solutions in the global Urban Air Mobility UAM industry, EHang continues to explore the boundaries of the sky to make flying technologies benefit our life in smart cities. For more information, please visit www.

Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of Management has based these forward-looking statements on its current expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections.

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While they believe these expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections are reasonable, such forward-looking statements are only predictions and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond management's control. These statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause EHang's actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements.Moving people and things from place to place is a big business, and many different transportation companies aim to get you and your stuff where you want it.

By investing in the stocks of those companies, you can profit from transportation. Below, we'll look more closely at transportation stocks and how best to invest in them in light of the pandemic. Transportation stocks fall into the industrials sector, which includes a wide array of makers of heavy equipment as well as providers of key business services.

You'll find the following businesses in the transportation industry:. Some companies that move things don't get treated as transportation stocks. For instance, pipeline companies that move crude oil, natural gas, and water are considered energy or utility stocks. To assess how these companies will fare, keep the following in mind. Transportation companies use a lot of energy to get things where they need to go. They're therefore sensitive to crude oil prices and fuel costs.

Whether they use jet fuel for planes, diesel for trucks and trains, or a combination of electricity and natural gas to run updated equipment, the best transportation companies seek to be as fuel-efficient as they can be. It's expensive for transportation companies to buy the equipment they need. Financing purchases through long-term debt can be smart, but the best companies keep their debt levels from getting unsustainably high.

When the economy is strong, transportation companies tend to do well, because plenty of people and businesses want to ship things. But shipping demand can fall dramatically during tough economic times.

Investors have to get used to the ups and downs of the transportation industry in response to changing conditions in the global economy. It's common for several companies to fight for the same group of customers. For instance, even just in the U. As with other transportation stocks, comparing key metrics like capacity and profitability can be valuable in assessing whether one stock is better than another.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the transportation industry both domestically and globally.

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Aviation, for example, has been hit hard as regulatory requirements -- including government mandates to serve certain cities and fly specific routes -- conflict with travel restrictions and lack of demand. All of the major U.

Meanwhile, stay-at-home orders and business closures have boosted demand for e-commerce shipping services but hurt business-to-business shipping. As the effects of COVID ripple through the global economy, transportation investors should be prepared to roll with the punches. An important part of the economy that is greatly influenced by global recession and expansion trends.Who needs roads at all?

The real future is in flying taxis. At least that's the message being sent out by major aerospace and ride sharing firms right now. Earlier this year, Uber announced its plans to launch an uberAIR commercial flight servicean operation that will bring autonomous on-demand electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to users seeking faster travel times.

The key premise of uberAIR is that small aircraft can take riders above the congestion of urban centers.

Dallas and Los Angeles are the two cities that have signed on to be testbeds for the program. Of course, Uber will still need to prove to the FAA that its new airborne transit plans will work, which is the final regulatory authority for the national airspace system.

Meanwhile, big money is pouring into developing air taxi services. Obviously, Uber isn't publicly traded - at least not yet. But that doesn't mean retail investors are completely locked out of the flying taxi space. Here's a technical look at three big stocks that have exposure to the trend:.

Up first is Boeing Co. BA - Get Report. Not only is Boeing one of the biggest names in the aerospace industry, it's also Uber's partner for the uberAIR initiative. Boeing owns Aurora Flight Sciences, the company developing the platform that Uber's air taxi will be based on. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg thinks that air taxis could be ferrying passengers around city skylines, and skipping highway gridlock within the next decade.

Watch what he just told TheStreet here.

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While Boeing's current exposure to flying taxis is small, the addressable market is huge -- that's why the program is capturing the firm's attention and dollars.

Meanwhile, from a technical standpoint, it's been hard to miss the solid uptrend that's been propelling shares of Boeing higher for the last two years now. Boeing is most definitely a "buy the dips stock" this summer.The firm's services include express taxi regular, Tiara express, bus eagle high, limousine express, and eagle taxi. It operates through the following segments: Jadetabek and Outside Jadetabek. The company was founded on June 11, and is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

stock quote taxi companies

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stock quote taxi companies

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Log in to see them here or sign up to get started. Create Account … or Log In. Go to Your Watchlist.As urban planners, public transit agencies, and walking and biking advocates work to steer cities away from a future congested with cars — and as others discuss the ethics, realities and regulations of autonomous vehicles — a growing number of companies is less concerned with city streets and more interested in flying over them.

Sincethe number of electric aircraft in development worldwide has increased by 50 percent. Whereas a good chunk of those companies are targeting the commercial airline industryurban air mobility UAM is getting more attention — think ride-hailing flying taxis, electric multicopters and passenger drones that can be summoned with an app.

It may sound like a far-off, Jetsons-esque pipedream, but some urban mobility pioneers are aiming to offer air taxi service within the next five years, despite the inherent challenges with battery technology and aviation regulations at the city, state and federal level.

The debate over autonomous vehicles also covers the skies, and one fatal accident could set the industry back years. The self-piloted air taxi is capable of carrying a single passenger in a forward-facing cockpit, and the prototype has a range of about 31 miles, or 20 minutes of flight time. The second aerial taxi Airbus is developing is called CityAirbuswhich the company is testing in Germany under the Airbus Helicopters division.

CityAirbus is an all-electric mulicopter eVTOL vehicle that has four seats and is autonomously piloted. The full-scale demonstrator had its maiden take-off in May; CityAirbus currently has a cruising speed of roughly 75 miles per hour mph with up to 15 minutes of flight time. Over the next 12 months, Airbus will conclude its evaluation of CityAirbus. It then will incorporate findings from both the Vahana and CityAirbus demonstrators into a next iteration aerial taxi that it will likely aim to scale.

The company has spent the last 10 years developing its own electric motors and technology for its eVTOL aircraft. Unlike most of the other companies working on eVTOL designs and flying cars, Joby Aviation has been tight-lipped about its project. Kitty Hawk is developing one of its potential air taxis, Corawith Boeing. The company plans for the semi-autonomous two-person air taxi to be summonable with an app.

Instead of a pilot, Cora mainly will fly via autopilot systems that will be supervised by a remote human pilot. Cora is fully electric and has a range of about 62 miles.

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Although it can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, in the air, its propellers provide more traditional plane-like forward thrust. Kitty Hawk is testing Cora in New Zealand. The company, however, has another single-seater air taxi named Heaviside. Kitty Hawk revealed Heaviside in October, and its latest eVTOL vehicle is designed to be fast, small and about times quieter than a traditional helicopter.

Heaviside has a range of about miles, and the company says the eVTOL vehicle will be able to carry a single passenger between San Jose and San Francisco in 15 minutes using "half the energy of a car. Rather than resembling a large commercial drone, the black-and-white Lilium Jet is more of a carbon fiber glider with four rotating wings attached to an egg-shaped cabin. Lilium designed the Jet to be battery-powered, and its current range is miles with a top speed of miles per hour.

To help with the certification process, Lilium reportedly plans to keep a human pilot on board its aircraft rather than making Lilium Jets fully autonomous. Its two-passenger Transition is a combined hybrid-electric road vehicle and pusher-style propeller-driven plane.

The engine reportedly burns about five gallons of fuel per hour. The manned vehicle, as an airplane, is capable of speeds around mph, and it has a range of about miles. The startup also developed the TF-Xwhich is capable of vertical take-off and landing and reportedly can fit in a single-car garage.

Investing in Transportation Stocks

It has a max airspeed of mph, a range of miles and can carry three people, including a pilot. Considering that unlike other wannabe first-to-market UAM pioneers, Uber already has an app and brand that consumers recognize, the company is in a good position to break away from the pack.

Although it will be interesting to watch what each company puts in the skies, it will be arguably more intriguing to see which design concept Uber selects and scales. While Uber Air pursues flying taxis, all signs point to the company expanding its pricey Uber Copter service in the coming years.Prices have been volatile thanks to swings in oil supply versus demand in 2015 and 2016.

That's because the oil industry changed in fundamental ways. Oil prices used to have a predictable seasonal swing. They spiked in the spring, as oil traders anticipated high demand for summer vacation driving. Once demand has peaked, prices dropped in the fall and winter. It's expected to rise to 9.

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It would beat the previous record of 9. Why is the U. Many shale oil producers became more efficient in extracting oil. They found ways to keep wells open because it's expensive to cap them.

At the same time, massive oil wells in the Gulf came on line. They couldn't stop production regardless of low oil prices. As a result, large traditional oil enterprises stopped exploring new reserves. These companies include Exxon-Mobil, BP, Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell. It was cheaper for them to buy out the less efficient, shale oil companies. That's because less-efficient shale producers either cut back or were bought.

That reduced supply by around 10 percent, creating a boom and bust in U. The second reason for recent volatility is foreign exchange traders. They drove up the value of the dollar by 25 percent in 2014 and 2015. All oil transactions are paid in dollars. The strong dollar helped cause some of the 70 percent declines in the price of petroleum for exporting countries. Most oil-exporting countries peg their currencies to the dollar.

stock quote taxi companies

Therefore, a 25 percent rise in the dollar offsets a 25 percent drop in oil prices. Global uncertainty is one factor that makes the U.We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password.

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Click here to return to the page you were visiting. The worst-case predictions regarding the effects of global warming are the most likely to be true, a new study published this week has warned. Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, who co-authored the study told The Independent. Since the Earth's climate system is incredibly complex, different scientists have put forward different models to determine how fast the planet is warming.

This has resulted in a range of predictions, some more dire than others. The new study, published in the academic journal "Nature", aimed to determine whether the upper or lower-end estimates are more reliable. Caldeira and co-author Dr. Patrick Brown looked at models that proved to be the best at simulating climate patterns in the recent past. They reasoned that these models would present the most accurate estimates.

According to the researchers' conclusions, models with higher estimates are more likely to be accurate, meaning the degree of warming is likely 0. Scientist that weren't involved with the research have come out in support of the findings as well. Professor Collins explained that the new study "breaks the issue down into the fundamental building blocks of climate change.

President Donald Trump have dismissed such claims.

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However, with more and more research backing worst-case predictions, complete dismissal of such findings becomes increasingly difficult. This study in particular addresses one key point climate change deniers often seize upon: the uncertainty that comes with so many different climate models.


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